Aargus Plastics, Inc. is one of the most multi-dimensional low and high density polyethylene extruders, printers, converters and recyclers. in the country. A leading polyethylene manufacturer since 1959, our diverse lines are outfitted to match the ever-changing world of our customers, and our recyclable products are made to your custom specifications right here in America.  If it's polyethylene, we can make it. Our process is simple, quick and as painless as possible.  

We're YOUR custom bag company. 

Let us put our 59 years of experience to work for you. 


OUR Partners

Sigma Plastics — A Certified Minority Owned Business, Sigma Plastics is North America’s largest privately held manufacturer of extruded polyethylene films and bags.

Bio IndustriesSpecializing in commercial and industrial markets, Bio Industries is a fully integrated manufacturer with the resources and capabilities to service all your plastic bag needs.

BioStar Films — Bio Star Films creates many of the plastic shopping bags used throughout the United States, as well as supplies many of the garbage bags and liners used by vendors throughout Chicago.

Aargus Plastics


In 1971,  a twenty-something accountant from Chicago named Jerome Starr scraped together enough money to purchase small plastic bag making company Aargus Poly Bag in Chicago. Familiar with the company as its accountant, he took over a manufacturing plant which contained only three bag converting machines and zero printing or extruding capabilities.

Mr. Starr expanded his bag-making business, doubling his converting capacity and adding a few small extrusion lines almost immediately. But after only one year, a tragic arson-set fire nearly dashed his dreams as quickly as they had begun.

With fierce resolve and determination, Mr. Starr resurrected Aargus and grew the company to a 22-extrusion line, flexographic printing force which it is today.

With the help of his wife, Sherry, and his eldest son, Scott, Mr. Starr has led the family business through three decades of success. 



Thousands of years ago, ancient Greece and its colorful mythology gave birth to the origins of our company. Greek lore describes "Argus" as a hundred-eyed beast who stands guard.

According to Grecian legend of that era, a young money lender named Oracles yearned for a bigger challenge than distributing and collecting coins.

The entrepreneurial and visionary Oracles took some of his wages and purchased a small sack-making business from a local man. While the carrying "bags" were made of materials of the day, they nonetheless proved to be an extremely popular and necessary item for all walks of Greek life. Oracles became well known in his community as not only a fair and hard-working business owner, but one who watched over his investment with a vengeance. Over time, the townspeople began calling him and his company "Argus," as his workaholic personality did not allow for a separation of the man from the business. His eyes were always watching.

The company became a family-owned affair and was handed down from generation to generation, moving from city to city and country to country as the years went by, before eventually landing in Wheeling, IL.